Challenges of Interracial Marriage

Interracial dating has significantly increased in the recent days. Whether sparked by globalization or the influx of dating apps, it can no longer be ignored. Interracial marriage, just like any other marriage, has its challenges, some unique to it. Problems are not brought about by the different cultures between couples. Instead, they arise due to how couples handle these differences. Let's explore some of these challenges and share some interracial dating tips .


65% of problems in relationships are brought about by poor communication. How does communication affect interracial marriage? While some cultures have codified meanings to knowledge, some tend to look for deeper meaning in every bit of communication. Moreover, usage of words and non-verbal communication differs across cultures. What is a polite non-verbal gesture in your culture could be an insult to another culture. Not to mention, individuals also have their preferences and biases to communication. This means that risk of miscommunication and misinterpretation is high in an interracial marriage .

Interracial dating tips: strive to understand each other's strengths and weaknesses in communication when dating. Compromise if your partner's method of communication seems dominant. If you have to use colloquialisms, ensure that there is shared meaning.

Different expectations

Cultural systems have certain expectations towards individuals like when to get married, when to have children, or how to raise children. Couples in interracial marriage deal with two sets of expectations, sometimes conflicting.

Interracial dating tips: learn each other's expectations during interracial dating. Since it takes time to know someone, begin with the basics. Do you want to have children? Which religion will you uphold? Where will you live? How will you help your children connect to both identities? In case of language differences, which language will you use/teach your children?

Lack of compromise

Compromise is crucial in every marriage, but more in an interracial one due to profound differences. Both parties should compromise in equal measure. If it is one-sided, it becomes a burden.

Interracial dating tips: during interracial dating, learn your conflicting ideologies and seek lasting solutions to them. In so doing, you will minimize the instances where you have to compromise once you get married.

Societal disapproval

There is always the "us" and "them" mentality between cultures. People will see you as outsiders for marrying differently. They will comment about your poor taste in marrying each other and how your children will look.

Interracial dating tips: ignore the scrutiny. Focus on yourselves and what brought you together as well as your common goals.

Methods of expressing love

For some cultures, flowers are a romantic gesture, for some, always bringing food to the table is romantic.

Interracial dating tips: Know how your partner wants to be loved. Do not impose other methods on him/her.

Do not listen to the negativity. Interracial marriages work very well. The foundation you build during interracial dating determines how far your interracial marriage will go. If you identify possible threats and work on them together while dating, your marriage will go well. Remember to apply the interracial dating tips that we have discussed.