Interracial Dating: Love Doesn't See Race

Love is a natural feeling which can almost happen anywhere at anytime. There is no rule to challenge your heart as it only looks for pure love and nothing else. With human beings living in all parts of the world, we all are differentiated through physical appearances of colour, tradition, beliefs, religion or even at times cults. It is these above mentioned criteria which makes us all different from one region to another. But although physical differences maybe revealing a difference, love yet stands equal to everyone as it is the international language of peace.

Love is something more than what you and I could ever explain about. It is a natural feeling which everyone has and will have at a certain time in life. When love strikes, it doesn’t care about your skin colour, religion, tradition or even what cult you belong to, as long as it gets the same kind of love it expects. That’s what love is all about. Pure love has no boundaries and love gives a blind sight to race. You probably would have heard or even know two people who are happily married from two different cultures. Well, there love has been pure and it has thrown away all elements which could be threats to their love. And that’s what makes interracial love a successful long lasting one.

Back at the past many people who travel and live in another country due to work purpose or even studies have opportunities as such to find love from a different race as they already live in a different country. I believe interracial dating sites could bring more peace and harmony to a war filled world we currently live in. The world needs more interracial harmony and understanding towards building up a war free land.

Interracial relationships teaches each member of either race, on how to adopt, support and respect one another towards understanding each members differences and learning to live with them in peace. Even children at young age should be encouraged to mingle with children of different races, cultures, norms and religions. Other races shouldn’t be seen as taboo. And it is very important that the sight of interracial dating seen as taboo stops right away. We are fortunate that the population of interracial relationships have started to grow in a big number when compared with the past decades as more people have got the opportunity to interact with other races freely.

It is due to the advancement of modern technology which could be the ultimate reason for more people to date other races and cultures. Social media has worked in a big way to bring people close from all nations together under one social hub. More couples have started to find their true love from other nations and different races. People have now started to understand all the misunderstood concepts of different races and have started to love together. Interracial relationships can make a global change and it should be encouraged much as possible to make this world a war free land filled with love.