updates its list of the top interracial dating sites

Popular review site recently updated its list of the best interracial dating sites available on the market. This list includes 5 sites that have been considered best by dating experts.

Interacting with the local press, a spokesperson from the website said, "It is essential that our users have all the updated information pertaining to the best dating sites in the interracial dating segment. We promise to deliver the best service to our readers by providing updated reviews of the best dating sites so that they can find their ideal match without facing any issues."

Since the US government scrapped the federal laws pertaining to interracial marriages in 1967, there has been a significant rise in the number of interracial marriages in the United States. In an exclusive interview with a leading magazine, US - based sociologist Andrew Laughlin said, "We live in a society that is culturally diversified. We come across people from various walks of life and belonging to different places. It is because of these interactions that people find interracial relationships acceptable."

According to a study conducted by the US Census Bureau and American Community Survey, around 8.4 percent of all the marriages in the United States are interracial, up from 3.2 percent in 1980. "I feel that interracial dating sites have played a pivotal role in making people aware of the benefits of dating a person from outside their race. It has allowed people to overcome the fear of dating outside their race. Moreover they have given people a medium of communication", Andrew added.

At, we've compared the best online interracial dating sites to help you determine which services will best suit your lifestyle. Our reviews focus on the diverse offerings of each dating service, so that users can discover the right dating site quickly and easily. Hope it saves your time and helps.